Final Report Construct 2


Final Project Report Construct 2

Game Title : The Adventure of Potato Head

Members :

  1. Klementinus Kennyvito Salim – 2201811391
  2. Wely Dharma Putra – 2201808365
  3. Winson Wardana – 2201798345


How to Play:

This is a platformer game, similar to games such as Mario Bros. In order to play this game, you just need to use the arrow keys: arrow up to jump, arrow left to walk left and arrow right to walk right. The goal is to collect 3 keys each level in order to complete the level, and collect coins to as the score. There are 3 lives, if you hit a spikey or flying alien, you will lose 1 live. Use all 3 lives and game over, or if you fell down it is also game over. Complete until level 4 and you finished the game. Moreover, you can reset the levels by pressing the button on the top right of the main menu screen.


Player Controls :

  • Left arrow to walk left
  • Right arrow to walk right
  • Up arrow to jump

Contributions for this project:

My contribution of this project is making level 4 and the ending credits scene, which is shown after you finished, and the level selection menu. I also diagnosed and checked the project if there is any errors or bugs.

Items we created by our own:

  • Potato Head – Made by Wely Dharma Putra


Items we took :

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